Politician Sathanandhan, who vowed to dismantle police force, gets robbed

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Shivanthi Sathanandan, a prominent figure within the Minnesota Democratic–Farmer–Labor Party (DFL), known for her previous calls to “dismantle” the Minneapolis Police Department, is now urging for stricter crime laws in the wake of a carjacking incident she experienced outside her home recently, New York Post reported.

Sathanandan, who is of Indian-Sri Lankan descent, is the second Vice Chairwoman for the DFL. She took to Facebook to share her experience, shedding light on the severity of her injuries.

Sathanandan recounted the attack that unfolded before her children’s eyes. During the assault, she sustained a broken leg, deep head lacerations, and multiple bruises and cuts.

“I have a broken leg, deep lacerations on my head, bruising and cuts all over my body. And I have rage.” The attackers left her battered and bloodied, prompting Sathanandan to emphasise the pressing need to address street crime.

“These men knew what they were doing. I have NO DOUBT they have done this before. Yet they are still on OUR STREETS. Killing mothers. Giving babies psychological trauma that a lifetime of therapy cannot ease. With no hesitation and no remorse,” she stated.

Now, as a firsthand victim of crime, Sathanandan is actively calling for action. She is advocating for the removal of illegal firearms from the streets and a crackdown on young criminals who are wreaking havoc in the city. In a heartfelt plea, she urged people to “REMEMBER ME when you are thinking about supporting letting juveniles and young people out of custody.”

While the Minneapolis Police Department confirmed the carjacking incident, no arrests have been made thus far, the New York Post report stated. Despite her prior stance on overhauling the police department, Sathanandan expressed gratitude for the Minneapolis PD’s response to her traumatic ordeal.

Minnesota DFL Chairman Ken Martin conveyed his sorrow over the attack and called for swift justice, stating, “My heart goes out to Shivanthi and her family, and I hope their recovery from such a horrifying experience is as swift as possible.”

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Sep 9, 2023


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