G20 calls for full and timely implementation of Black Sea grain initiative

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G20 leaders on Saturday called for the full and timely implementation of a UN-brokered deal that allows Ukraine to export its grain to the world markets through the Black Sea.

In the G20 declaration, the leaders of the grouping emphasised the importance of sustaining food and energy security and called for the “cessation of military destruction” or other attacks on relevant infrastructure.

Following the Ukraine conflict, Russia blocked the transportation of grain from Ukraine through the Black Sea ports.

In July last year, a deal was struck between Russia and Ukraine following an initiative by Turkey and the UN that allowed cargo ships to sail along a corridor in the Black Sea.

Months later, Russia announced pulling out of the deal, triggering a rise in global food prices. The G20 leaders called for the full, timely and effective implementation of the grain deal to ensure the “immediate and unimpeded deliveries of grain, foodstuffs and fertilisers/inputs from Russia and Ukraine”.

“This is necessary to meet the demand in developing and least developed countries, particularly those in Africa,” the G20 declaration said.

“In this context, emphasising the importance of sustaining food and energy security, we called for the cessation of military destruction or other attacks on relevant infrastructure,” it said.

“We also expressed deep concern about the adverse impact that conflicts have on the security of civilians, thereby exacerbating existing socio-economic fragilities and vulnerabilities and hindering an effective humanitarian response,” it added.

Asked about the issue at a media briefing, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar said there are many discussions going on.

“The foreign minister of Russia is here, the President of Turkey and his delegation are here. The UN-secretary-general is here, other people are here,” he said.

“So it’s natural that there would be discussions going on on this. In the past, I should add when the grain corridor was created at Bali last year, we had also, in our own way, contributed to some bridging of viewpoints and concerns both at that time,” he added.

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Sep 10, 2023


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