CCTV footage shows dog attacking toddler in UP’s Amroha as boy runs for life

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A video from Uttar Pradesh’s Amroha has surfaced where a toddler can be seen being attacked by street dogs and running for his life. The city has recorded several cases of stray dogs attacking pedestrians, including children. Locals said that children have been stepping out of their homes with a stick in hand, fearing dogs’ attacks.

In visuals accessed by India Today, the minor boy can be seen running away from the dog as the canine speeds up to catch the boy and attack.

This is one of the many cases of stray dog attacks rampant across parts of Uttar Pradesh.

While the administration has claimed to be reviewing animal birth control schemes in the area, residents say they fear letting their children out. It is said that attacks by stray canines have stirred panic in the area and about a dozen cases of such attacks have surfaced in recent months.

District Magistrate Amroha Rajesh Kumar Tyagi told India Today, “We have called a team to catch dogs and they are catching them in localities. Action is being taken at the district level.”

Meanwhile, one of the locals shared their plight, stating, “How will children go to schools when they are afraid of dogs attacking? Even when children go to buy goods from the shops, they step out with a stick. Wherever the children go, they carry a stick.”

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Sep 9, 2023


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