Karnataka offers Rs 3 lakh subsidy to minority community on vehicle purchase

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The Chief Minister Siddaramaiah-led Congress government in Karnataka has announced to offer Rs 3 lakh subsidy to minority community members on vehicle purchases.

The scheme will ensure Rs 3 lakh to members of minority communities when they buy a four-wheeler vehicle of their choice and for the remaining amount, the government will assist them in obtaining loans from various banks.

However, the scheme comes with certain caveats. An applicant for the scheme must belong to a religious minority community, must be a permanent resident of Karnataka, and his or her annual income must be less than ₹4,50,000 per annum.

Karnataka Minorities Welfare and Wakf Minister Zameer Ahmed Khan said, “A driver shouldn’t remain as a driver. He should also become an owner of a vehicle. He can buy a four-wheeler vehicle worth up to ₹8 lakhs of his choice. The government will give a subsidy of ₹3 lakh.”

“We will also help with loans. He will have to make a pre-payment of 10% of the value of the car. For example, if the car’s value is Rs 8 lakh, he will have to make an initial payment of ₹80,000. We will give a ₹3 lakh subsidy. For the remaining amount, we will give him a bank loan,” he said.

“This scheme was there during the previous Siddaramaiah regime. BJP had removed it,” he added.


The BJP has lashed out at the Congress government over the move, calling it appeasement politics and a ‘religion targeted scheme’.

BJP spokesperson Ashok MM said, “At a time when freebie fights are fuming, this is yet another freebie scheme and seems to be fanning the political flames.”

BJP leader Tejasvi Surya took to microblogging site X (formerly Twitter) and wrote, “Congress, to fund its freebies, 1. Is increasing guidance value by 30%, 2. Has doubled electricity charges, 3. Hiked excise duty, milk prices, road tax & also plans to extract 5% cess. Now, Karnataka’s middle class will fund a ‘religion targeted scheme’, specifically designed for minorities, that gives ₹3 lakhs as subsidy to buy vehicles. Congress goes to any extent to appease its core voter base even if it means to undermine hardworking tax paying middle class families.”

BJP’s CT Ravi also criticised the Congress government, writing, “If shamelessness had a name, it would have been definitely called as CONgress! The Tippu Sultan government in Karnataka continues its Appeasement Politics by showering largesse on its core voter base. This is a huge insult to the majority who voted for the Communal CONgress by falling for its LIES and GUARANTEES.”

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Sep 8, 2023


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