India can make big investments like China in continent, says African Union chief

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African Union Chairperson Azali Assoumani has said they have high expectations from India and that New Delhi can make more investments in Africa just like China.

Assoumani, who arrived in Delhi on Friday to attend the G20 Summit, told India Today that India has made several investments in Africa. “We have great hope India will invest heavily in Africa. We are living in a multi-lateral world where we need each other. China has made a lot of investments in Africa, but India has also invested and can do much better. It is one of the most powerful countries in the world,” he said.

“Africa is ready to welcome India. We hope India will promote investments. There is a big market and opportunities for the entire world. Hopefully, Indian people will come,” he added.

Assoumani also thanked Prime Minister Narendra Modi and India for playing an important role in accepting the African Union’s membership in the G20 event.

“I’d like to thank him (PM Modi) for accepting our membership. If the African Union becomes a full member of the G20, it would be because of India’s role. This is an honour for us,” he said.

When asked about their permanent membership in the G20, Assoumani said, “Hope our membership is confirmed. It will be a great opportunity for Africa. Our continent needs to have a voice, it has a lot of potential.”


Speaking about the European Union (EU) being a good example, Assoumani said that the Afican Union has to learn lessons from them.

“Africa has a lot of potential in fields like agriculture, fisheries and minerals. We used to be a victim in the past, but now we should be part of development,” Assoumani said.

In June 2023, PM Modi mentioned that he had written to G20 counterparts to provide the African Union with full membership at this G20 Summit.

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Sep 9, 2023


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