Delhi man’s hoax ‘guns and explosive’ alert on G20 meet lands him in jail

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A Delhi man made a hoax alert on social media on the eve of the G20 Summit, claiming that an autorickshaw was carrying guns and explosives towards Pragati Maidan.

The accused, identified as Kuldeep Shah, was engaged in a private dispute with the driver of the autorickshaw and deliberately sent misleading information to the Delhi Police on Friday.

The incident unfolded when Kuldeep Shah, identified by his X handle as @Kuldeep Sah, tagged the official Twitter handle of DCP Outer North and tweeted, “This auto driver is heading towards Pragati Maidan with guns and explosives.” He shared the vehicle number along with a photo of the auto in question.

Given the sensitivity of the tweet, the Delhi Police took swift action to investigate.

Upon tracing the ownership of the mentioned autorickshaw, it was revealed that the vehicle belonged to 50-year-old Gurmeet Singh.

Subsequently, the police visited the address and met Harcharan Singh, the auto driver, who stated that the auto was registered in his brother’s name and he used it for transporting clothes in the Chandani Chowk area. He also revealed an ongoing dispute with Kuldeep Shah, a resident of the same street, over the parking of the auto.

After thorough verification and inspection, no suspicious items were found in the autorickshaw.

The police then visited Kuldeep Shah’s residence. During the inquiry, Shah admitted to posting the tweet, citing the ongoing parking dispute as the reason for his actions.

Shah was arrested for spreading false information in public.

Published On:

Sep 9, 2023


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