The Cocaine Detox Process Is Complex

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Withdrawal symptoms can sometimes take days to present themselves. The patients who are trying to thoroughly remove benzodiazepines from their internal systems might not see noticeable withdrawal symptoms for more than a day.

However, the patients who are currently withdrawing from cocaine will not usually have to wait very long to become physically aware of the process. It may only take hours for the cocaine withdrawal symptoms to become apparent.

Cocaine Withdrawal

Patients who have used cocaine may take more doses of the drug than the substance abuse patients who have used other strong addictive substances. The system processes cocaine relatively swiftly, which is the case for numerous stimulant drugs.

Various biological processes will become faster in individuals who have used stimulant medications and drugs. The rate at which the body consumes the drugs themselves will also be very quick. It’s one of the reasons why cocaine addictions can be so damaging.

Many addictions follow recognizable series of stages, but they’ll still have several unique characteristics. Cocaine addictions can escalate very rapidly because of the way cocaine is metabolized.

The chemical high that cocaine creates often won’t last for an especially long period of time. However, the high itself is very strong. It’s a combination that can cause patients to quickly move through many of the addiction stages associated with cocaine. Patients recovering from cocaine addictions may also spend more time on drug detoxing than other addictive substance patients.

Longer Detoxes

People might assume that a cocaine detox will be comparatively quick, since the symptoms are often obvious after less than eleven hours. However, it can actually take days for these cocaine withdrawal symptoms to reach their worst point, and some patients will continue to experience cocaine withdrawal symptoms after two months.

However, there is a great deal of variation regarding medical cocaine withdrawal. There are patients who have completed the cocaine detox process after only a week. Patients who can get professional guidance and help at places like will have a comparatively brief detox period.

Drug Cessation

Some cocaine withdrawal symptoms are essentially the product of the body itself returning to a more normal state. For instance, people might notice that their appetites have increased after they stop taking new cocaine doses.

Cocaine often functions as an appetite suppressant. Some people have specifically taken cocaine to use it as an appetite suppressant over the years. These patients consistently become malnourished as a result, and they might be improperly fed for years.

The elevated hunger levels that patients can experience are sometimes a reaction to this earlier period. People are feeling their normal feelings of hunger return. If they have not felt normal levels of hunger for a while, they might feel like they’re dramatically hungry even if they’re technically not.

People’s bodies will also need energy for the cocaine withdrawal process itself, which places stress on different organ systems. The patients who get enough food during this process might find it much easier to get through some of the most strenuous parts of cocaine detox. That won’t be a problem for the people who are at treatment centers when this happens.

Individuals who have used cocaine for a substantial period of time are also used to getting their energy from that substance rather than food. The body is used to it as well on a chemical level.

Since cocaine produces higher overall energy levels, having a normal amount of food might not feel like enough. These cocaine withdrawal systems won’t last, and the body will tend to reset itself successfully with enough time and consistency.

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