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NetBase Quid Discusses Market Intelligence

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In this day and age, it is almost unwise to not include market intelligence within a business. It provides relative and highly accurate information on customers whether targeted, existing, or lost. It uncovers market trends, competitors and analyzes very specific data that enables any given company to make better and more confident decisions. All in all, it is powerful to create better solutions for marketing opportunities, market development, and market penetration.

Marketing intelligence uses a variety of sources like company websites, news websites, RSS feeds, social media, secondary data, and more to produce helpful analytics. It all boils down to decision-makers, becoming better decision-makers through market intelligence.


Here are some resources to further investigate:



This is a great resource to use in a social media department, as it tracks competitive social interactions. It can also track the performance of your various brands or the overall company. It has a very clean API that allows for easy use across platforms.


It can track all of the social metrics that come from LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and youtube. You will be able to access all of those metrics at once.


Features and Benefits

It is very efficient in that it allows you to log into all of the platforms with one single login.

There’s a content feed that can provide posts from competitive brands. You have the option to customize what you want to see. This particular option is very comprehensive. 

The dashboards are easy and clean to navigate and customize.

You will be able to have a clearer understanding of which social media platforms are doing the best.



Crunchbase can be added to your company’s research methodology for sales. It helps to understand the financial situation of a prospective client or a current one. It can also be helpful and understanding the snapshots of your competitors and their financial systems and situations.


Features and Benefits

Provides additional information for a competitor’s rank in the market and any other thing that causes them to stand out. 

The system is easily customizable. It is easy to import a large list, you can save searches that are important to you.

Provides helpful links to other websites and platforms to make the research as complete as possible.



In the world of marketing, backlinks are very important for a website’s rank within search engines. SimilarWeb helps companies to understand their linking strategies and where they can improve in those marketing efforts.


Features and Benefits

Incorporates a keyword analyzer that helps to specify the search terms needed.

It can help to analyze competitor’s ranks and see what keywords and traffic they’re getting. 

It is very user friendly, and no training is needed in order to use it efficiently.


S&P Capital

S&P Capital is often used to source out companies and gain information from their profiles especially in the financial realm. It allows one to compare the various changes and company filings over a period of time. They make it easy to screen comparable companies.


Features and Benefits

Their customer service is unmatched with 24/7 availability.

When creating a buyer’s list you can incorporate information based on investment criteria, private equity profiles, and fund size. This helps you to feel more confident and insightful when you actually reach out to a prospective client. Which will paint a more trustworthy picture in their eyes.

The company will pay you if you find any inaccurate data.

You can use the software on any device. So, you can work on the run.

Inside the software, you can find profit and loss statements, balance sheets, and more.

If you are ready to update your market intelligence game Netbase Quid is here to help you do that. Feel free to demo our software and allow us to analyze where you can professionally and robustly incorporate market intelligence.

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