Holi Aftercare: Achieve Satin-Soft Skin With 5 Expert Tips

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After the Holi celebrations, taking good care of oneself is necessary to achieve bright skin. It entails a thoughtful skincare regimen that emphasises bringing back the skin’s inherent vitality and harmony. The secret is to remove any remaining colourant residue from the skin while protecting and hydrating it with gentle nourishment and cleansing. This procedure helps to preserve the skin’s health and brightness in addition to rejuvenating it. 

A vibrant and beautiful complexion can be achieved by making skincare a priority after Holi, which can effectively counteract the effects of harsh colours and environmental variables. 

Tips to Keep your Skin Satin Soft Post Holi 

Here is your guide shared by skin health experts at ITC Vivel, for post Holi skincare, ensuring your glow lasts long after the splash of colour fades away:

1. Choose a Gentle and Hydrating Body Wash

First things first, a relaxing shower is the perfect way to indulge in some self-care post Holi. Start by choosing a gentle and hydrating body wash. Essential oils like pine, basil and patchouli, can help replenish your skin’s lost moisture, keeping it hydrated and supple. Body wash is dermatologically tested perfect fit for its refreshing and moisturising properties. 

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2. Rinse Off Colorants Promptly

Keep the colours off of your skin as soon as possible. Rinse off the colourants from your skin as soon as possible after enjoying a bright and brilliant Holi. Colours that linger might cause skin discomfort and stains. Seek for a body wash that cleanses your skin of pollutants and bacteria. To get rid of the colours, properly bathe your skin with lukewarm water and a mild body wash. 

3. Be Mindful of Exfoliation

Be gentle with your skin, even though the urge is to remove all sign of that pigmentation. Harsh exfoliation or excessive scrubbing can weaken the skin’s protective layer and make it more dry. To remove dead skin cells without irritating your skin, go for gentle. Exfoliation should only be done once or twice a week in order to preserve the natural equilibrium of your skin.

4. Embrace Natural Ingredients

It’s time to let nature do its thing. You should use natural products like aloe vera in addition to your regular bathing regimen to preserve and soothe your skin after Holi. Ingredients that are naturally originated also reduce inflammation and redness on the skin providing cooling and moisturising effect.

5. Stay Hydrated and Eat Well

Keep in mind that having healthy skin begins on the inside. Water is vital because your body needs it to be hydrated in order to eliminate pollutants. Maintaining the health of your skin from the inside out also requires eating a balanced diet full of fruits, vegetables, and antioxidants. Refrain from consuming processed or sugary meals in excess as this might exacerbate skin conditions.


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