Tissue Silk To Organza Sarees: 4 Festive Saree Trends You Must Know About

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In the ever-evolving world of fashion, the enduring charm of traditional elegance remains a timeless beacon of style. This year, festive sarees are stealing the spotlight, offering a delightful fusion of tradition and contemporary style. The runway is adorned with a kaleidoscope of colors, intricate embellishments, and innovative draping techniques, breathing new life into this timeless garment.

Rich silk sarees adorned with zari work and resplendent embroidery are making a strong comeback, paying homage to India’s rich textile heritage. Additionally, contemporary touches such as offbeat color combinations and unconventional blouse designs are injecting a fresh energy into the traditional attire.

Whether you’re drawn to the timeless allure of traditional weaves or the modern charm of contemporary designs, this festive season promises a plethora of saree options that cater to diverse tastes. Designers are seamlessly blending traditional craftsmanship with modern aesthetics, creating sarees that are both classic and on-trend.

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Shruti Shah, CEO & founder at Sacred Weaves shares 4 latest saree trends you must know about. 

Radiant Metallic Hues In Tissue Silk 

Banarasi sarees that pay homage to the beauty and elegance of metallic shades. Drawing inspiration from the shimmering radiance of metals, the sarees feature a captivating range of metallic hues, including copper, silver, and gold. What sets these sarees apart is the meticulous weaving using high-quality metallic threads, resulting in a lustrous, shimmering effect that is truly unparalleled, shares Shah. 

The metallic shades are the epitome of opulence, making them an ideal choice for festival gathering, weddings, receptions, and other special occasions where making a statement with your attire is of paramount importance.

Captivating Colors For The Modern Generation

“For those seeking elegance tailored to the preferences of the modern generation, these sarees are specially designed for young women, seamlessly blends the allure of Banarasi craftsmanship with contemporary styles. These sarees are a vibrant embodiment of tradition, showcasing the art that captures the essence of India’s rich heritage while catering to the dynamic tastes of young girls,” Shah shares. 

Elevate Your Office Party Look With Stunning Organza Sarees

Shah explains, the semi-sheer fabric has an exuberance of its own. Usually in the pastel shades, this saree has a beautiful elegance of its own which when paired sensibly can give you an effortless party look. For the modern queens who are climbing stairs of success through sheer determination and dedication, this handloom silk fabric becomes the perfect saree look for an office party and can help elevate your look while maintaining the dignity your professional experience has given to you.

Traditional White Banarasi Sarees With Golden Borders

“White is a timeless color that has been favored by actors and leaders for ages, even the divine have loved the color. White has that beautiful edge where it can take a border in any color and make it a look of its own, but when white gets a golden border then royalty is born with a demure aura as pure and holy as a Goddess’ with a halo of her own,” Shah shares. 


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