Festive Season: Doll Up With This Budget-Friendly Diamond Jewelry This Year

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India, a vibrant and culturally rich nation, has earned a special place as the third largest market for diamonds, following only the USA and China. In a country where gold has traditionally been the metal of choice, there is a noticeable shift towards the appreciation of diamond jewellery. The allure of diamond jewellery takes center stage, adding a touch of timeless elegance and sparkle to the celebratory atmosphere. Diamonds, with their dazzling brilliance, have long been cherished as symbols of enduring love and prestige, making them the perfect companions for special occasions.

Whether adorning oneself with a classic diamond necklace, donning a pair of elegant diamond earrings, or exchanging diamond rings to mark a special bond, the festive season becomes a canvas for the radiance and sophistication that diamond jewellery imparts.

Mr Ankit Singh Kimtee, Founder, DiamondXE shares 5 latest trends in jewellery. 

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Lab-Grown Diamonds

Mr Kimtee shares, one significant trend that stands out and has a growing inclination towards lab-grown diamond jewellery. Lab-grown diamonds are of a budget-friendly nature, and are identical to natural diamonds in terms of physical and optical properties. For those with a passion for eco-friendliness and sustainability, lab-grown diamonds provide an ethical alternative.

Fancy Shapes

“We see a surge in demand for distinctive cuts like pear, heart and princess. These unique shapes are finding their way into various jewellery settings. Princess cut diamonds, known for their exquisite symmetry are adorning necklaces, while the pear and heart-shapes are making a splash in smaller pieces like earrings and rings. The versatility of these shapes allows them to shine in different jewellery styles, enhancing the beauty of the wearer,” Kimtee said. 

Captivating Colors

Mr Kimtee said, “Colored diamonds, particularly fancy pink and vivid yellow, have gained prominence in India’s diamond jewellery market. Consumers today are increasingly drawn to exclusivity, and the modern Indian buyer is showing a clear preference for jewellery with a contemporary flair. Jewellery featuring these prized colored diamonds promises to be a big hit in the upcoming festive and wedding seasons.”

Carat Size Matters

“Consumer inclination towards higher carat diamonds and larger stones is on the rise. These larger stones find their home in exquisite jewellery pieces, making a statement at special occasions,” Kimtee said. 


This festive season, the trends in jewellery designs range from elegant diamond necklaces that exude grace, to statement diamond earrings that demand attention. Classic chokers and diamond cocktail rings are adorning the stylish, making every occasion an opportunity to shine. The modern consumer also values the everyday elegance of lightweight jewellery. These pieces offer the flexibility to wear diamonds not only on special occasions, but as a part of daily life.

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