Tiger 3 Movie Review: Taut, Pacy Salman Khan-Katrina Kaif Bring Back The Swag in Mission Time Pass

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Movie: Tiger 3

Cast: Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif

Director: Maneesh Sharma

Producer: Yash Raj Films (Spy Universe)

Rating: 4 Stars

One-word review: A must-watch blockbuster 

Tiger 3 Movie Review: Avinash Singh Rathore AKA Tiger is back, and this time caught in an emotional quandary of loyalties. A passionate patriot when it comes to his nation, he is also a devoted family man. But in the line of duty, who would he save first?

Tiger, a man of utmost integrity, is RAW’s (the Indian intelligence agency) most trustworthy agent. He has been on several fatal missions to save his country from the deadliest of threats. He is also happily married to the love of his life Zoya ( Katrina Kaif) a former ISI agent, who is his strongest support as well as has been his partner on several assignments. The two seem happy with their son Junior, or are they?

Tiger is summoned yet again, this time for a high-risk operation and the most destructive adversary in the Pakistani agent Aatish (Emraan Hashmi) ever. This time the fight is also personal, as the seed of suspicions seems to have consumed him. Who will he save first, his country or his family? Can he save both or will he fail in his endeavour?

In the background of geo-political dynamics, dangerous militant outfits, mercenaries, jet setting across continents, Tiger is on his toughest operation ever. He realises the past has its way of catching up with the present and impacting the future. Can two nations ever forsake hate for peace?

After 6 years one of his beloved avatars Tiger, Salman Khan seems to have gotten his mojo back. The brooding spy, who packs a punch, with his cheesy one-liners. But we also see a mature and disillusioned man who has become a prisoner in his hell. The 57-year-old actor looks comfortable in embracing his age, and there is no forced machoism.

There is Zoya who grew up being told an agent lives in the world of shadows, can she ever discard her identity? She finds herself burning in her agony. Katrina Kaif comes out tops, she is effortless in her action scenes, and the Hamam sequence is one of the best choreographed so far. 

Emraan Hashmi is quite the scene stealer as the dreaded antagonist, who has no qualms about going to any lengths, after all, he has scores to settle. He puts the good into playing the bad with finesse. 

After Kabir Khan and Ali Abbas Zafar, Maneesh Sharma takes the franchise forward. It is pacy, taut but wish he had utilized the strengths of his key characters and the franchise’s potential. He seems weighed by the success of the previous two films and in an effort to be overtly massy, he falls a bit flat, and is trapped in the same old narrative of India and its nemesis, the troublesome neighbor. . Tiger 3 has shades of YRF’s recent blockbuster Pathan. It is also the landscape where YRF’s spy universe converges. Kabir( Hrithik Roshan), the mastermind double agent makes a dramatic and bloodied entry, to thunderous applause in the theatres. Pathaan ( Shahrukh Khan) returns the favour to Tiger with a massive action scene that will keep you hooked on whistles and applauds. 

Like its predecessors, Tiger 3 comes with m high octane action, exotic locales and songs and cornball humour and dialogues thrown in. The film also gives agency to its female characters, whether it’s Zoya or Revathy as the RAW chief, they are equal with the men, and nowhere are they secondary ornaments.

One pro tip to all watching, do not leave the hall until it is completely over, take the hint!  

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