Brazilian Influencer Luana Andrade Dies Of Cardiac Arrest During Knee Liposuction Surgery

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New Delhi: Brazilian influencer Luana Andrade died a day after the procedure on her knee was performed by a private doctor and anesthetist hired by her family in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

As per plastic surgeon and president of the Brazilian College of Plastic Surgery Dr Diovane Ruaro told local media that Andrade had appeared to be in good health before the surgery.

The model and fashion designer’s cause of death has been listed as a pulmonary embolism after complications during the surgery.

Sao Luiz Hospital said: “The surgery was interrupted and the patient underwent tests that revealed massive thrombosis. She was transferred to the ICU where she underwent medication and hemodynamic treatment.”

Dr Eduardo Teixeira from the Brazilian College of Plastic Surgery said: “There is no risk-free surgery, nor any medical procedure that does not involve some type of risk, especially when it is a surgical procedure.”

Andrade’s long-term partner Joao Hadad posted a tribute on Instagram, reading: “I’m torn and living my worst nightmare. A piece of me is gone. Today, it is difficult to understand God’s plans, and I do not know when and if I will ever process the absence you will make in my life and in the lives of a legion of people who loved your presence.”

A day before her surgery, Andrade posted three selfies from the gym on Instagram – fans are now sending their condolences underneath the photos.

Brazilian footballer Neymar posted a tribute to Andrade as well: “Today I lost a friend due to “simple” aesthetic procedures… This standard of “perfect” bodies that are impossible to achieve displayed on Instagram and in the media needs to end urgently.”

Earlier this year, OnlyFans star Christina Ashten Gourkani, known as Ashten G online, died of a cardiac arrest during plastic surgery. The Kim Kardashian look-alike, 34, was recovering from surgery on April 20 when she died. 


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