Why No Film Dares To Clash With Bollywood’s Tiger Salman Khan At The Box Office?

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New Delhi: Within the entertainment industry, a number of celebrities possess the ability to draw large crowds to movie theatres regardless of the content of the films they promote. In addition, these celebrities have a reputation in Indian cinema that prevents anyone from releasing films in front of them. One of those biggest names is megastar Salman Khan, who once again demonstrates his dominance at the box office with ‘Tiger 3’, which is set for release in four days. It should be mentioned that Salman Khan has not had a fight since 2010.

On the same day, a number of industry trade experts spoke out and praised Salman Khan’s megastardom. Veteran film analyst Taran Adarsh said, “Tiger 3 being a brand and essaying a role that is much-loved, I am sure it’ll have a great run and a huge opener.”

Renowned tradeperson Atul Mohan said, “Salman is a huge hero of the masses. He has always had such a huge fan following; Shah Rukh Khan now has such a following. Aamir Khan never had such a mass pull. Salman’s craze is one of a kind. Hence, filmmakers are wary of clashing their films with his. He is such a big hero, who will compete with him??”

Producer and film business analyst Girish Johar said, “Salman is the only superstar people want to see on screen. He has the most on-screen superstardom out of all the actors. It’s a very critical factor. He’s also not on our social media every time, going to malls, opening ribbons, dancing, etc.”

Continuing the same, he added, “Unfortunately, his films have not worked as he hasn’t paid much attention to the storytelling, packaging, direction, etc. He has that power that, if he gets these things right, then there’s no stopping him. That’s why many are wary of clashing with him, as they know that at least in the opening weekend, their film will get butchered. If he molds himself to the sensibilities that cater to his fans and provides intelligent content, then the sky is the limit. I think ‘Tiger 3’ will do well. It ticks all the right boxes.”

Raj Bansal, the owner of Entertainment Paradise cinema hall in Jaipur, explained, “Salman Khan is an action hero. When no one was taking action, he was the only one excelling in this genre. Somewhere, his confidence shook, and he also did non-action films like Tubelight (2017), Prem Ratan Dhan Payo (2015), etc. Only Bajrangi Bhaijaan (2015) worked in this regard. But even when his films were not hit, they still made Rs. 100 crores plus. His flop films do Rs. 100 crores even today! And his hit films have grossed more than Rs. 300 crore. It’s thanks to him that the industry realised the true potential of a Hindi film. Hence, clashing with him can prove suicidal. He’s 100% an organic star.”

‘Tiger 3’ marks the third film in the ‘Tiger’ franchise, in which Salman will return as the titular and OG spy ‘Tiger’ alongside Katrina Kaif and Emraan Hashmi. The action thriller directed by Maneesh Sharma will be released in cinemas on November 12.

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