Sara Ali Khan Says She Doesnt Believe In Wearing Designer Clothes

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New Delhi: Sara Ali Khan is undoubtedly one of the leading actresses in Indian cinema. Time and again, the leading actress has proved her exceptional talent, and in her latest release, ‘Zara Hat Ke Zara Bachke’, she has left a delible mark on audiences hearts and taken away the crown of ‘Desi Girl’ with her. 

Besides this, Sara Ali Khan is also known for her real and natural personality, which she has shown over time. A recent example of this was witnessed when she made a visit to ‘Koffee With Karan’, and there she was asked about why she doesn’t prefer wearing designer clothes.

On the show, Sara puts her real personality in the front and gives an honest reply to the question asked, which says, “It is not like I don’t have designer bags and shoes. I don’t believe in wearing designer clothes because I look fine in Zara. I feel I have the confidence to carry it off.” She further revealed that she doesn’t do it to seem relatable.

Continuing the same, Sara said, “I don’t do it to come across as relatable, but maybe what I need to be aware of is that I am an actor and I have a good amount of followers on Instagram. It’s important because I am putting myself out there. So, perceptions are key.”

Elaborating on it more, Sara added, “What I should be careful of is that I shouldn’t come across as lazy; I shouldn’t come across as unkept, so maybe I don’t need oil in my hair, but I don’t think I will ever say, ‘Oh, I need a blow dry; I am going to the airport.’ I find that ridiculous, and I am not going to apologize for that either.”

The reply from Sara Ali Khan shows how she loves to carry herself naturally on and off screen. She has always skipped designer-made clothes and has proven that she looks elegant and beautiful in non-designed attire.

Meanwhile, on the work front, Sara Ali Khan will be seen in ‘Metro In Dino’ and ‘Ae Watan Mere Watan’.

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