Sonu Sood Covers 6645 KM Journey For A Nobel Cause, Fans Unite To Trace An S Of Compassion

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New Delhi: In a remarkable display of fan devotion and philanthropy, Sonu Sood’s supporters have started a nationwide campaign, “Mai Bhi Sonu Sood,” started this November 4, 2023, from New Delhi. This innovative initiative aims to connect people across India, reinforcing the values of goodness, unity, and saving lives. This initiative will be passing over 100 cities and towns. The “Mai Bhi Sonu Sood” campaign is all about the letter “S” to honour their hero, Sonu Sood. 

This extensive fan started tour travel through India, including both major and smaller towns and metropolitan cities like Ghaziabad, Dehradun, Shimla, Amritsar, Moga in the north, progressing westward to cities like Jaisalmer, Bamer, and more. While the journey will continue through central cities such as Indore and Bhopal, the eastern side will include cities such as Bareli, Bisapur, Pauni, and Nagpur, as well as Kalleshwaram, Tirupati, and Vijayawada before arriving in Mumbai. With 27 major halts spanning approximately over 40 days, and covering 6645 kms in 154 hrs. Aiming to promote unity and inspire people to make a difference, there will be a major overnight stop at Sonu Sood Temple in Dubba Thanda. By connecting with Sonu Sood’s foundation, individuals can contribute to education and medical needs, extending a helping hand to society’s most vulnerable.

This fan-centric campaign highlights the power of goodness and the unity it can create. It embodies the idea that, just like their beloved icon, every individual can play a crucial role in saving lives and making a positive impact on society. “Mai Bhi Sonu Sood” is not just a campaign; it’s a testament to the incredible potential of human kindness and the profound influence of a united community. 


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