Ahoi Ashtami 2023: Date, Shubh Muhurat, Moonrise And Star Sighting Time

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Four days after the strict fasting of Karwa Chauth, mothers observe Ahoi Ashtami fasting to pray for the health and happiness of their children. Just like Karwa Chauth, during Ahoi Ashtami, they don’t eat or drink from morning until evening, ending the fast when they see stars in the sky or sometimes when they spot the moon. 

This festival happens about eight days before Diwali and is celebrated with great excitement in North India. In the past, this fast was mainly for sons’ well-being, but nowadays, it’s for both sons and daughters. People worship Goddess Ahoi Ashtami Bhagwati, who is a re-incarnation of Goddess Parvati, and ask for her blessings to protect their children.

What Happens On Ahoi Ashtami? 

On Ahoi Ashtami, mothers rise early before sunrise, partake in a pre-dawn meal, and then embark on a day-long fast that continues until the stars or the moon are sighted, following the aarti and puja of Ahoi Ashtami Bhagwati. During this fast, women abstain from both water and food.

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Ahoi Ashtami 2023: Date 

Ahoi Ashtami falls on the eighth day of the Hindu calendar month of Ashwin, and this year it will be celebrated on November 5th.

Ahoi Ashtami 2023: Timings And Shubh Muhurat

Ahoi Ashtami puja muhurat on November 5 will begin from 5:35 pm and last till 6:52 pm, total of 1 hour 18 minutes.

Evening time for sighting stars: 5:58pm

Moonrise on Ahoi Ashtami: 12:02 am, November 6

Ashtami Tithi begins: 12:59 am on November 5, 2023 and will end 3:18 am on November 6, 2023

Ahoi Ashtami Puja Vidhi 

For Ahoi Ashtami puja, people traditionally sketch Ahoi Bhagwati Mata on a wall of the house with red colour.  Symbols of moon, sun, stars, holy basil are kept around the idol or the picture. After the puja, Ahoi Vrat Katha is read and prasad is distributed. 

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