Pan-India Film Raktabeej Shows Great Numbers, Crosses 3 Crores

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New Delhi: With a massive successful release in West Bengal, Windows Productions,’ “Raktabeej,” is unstoppable! The film has already made it to the top grossers in Bengal in 2023 with a collection crossing 3 crores in just 9 days, released on the occasion of Durga Pujo. Directed by the acclaimed Nandita Roy and Shiboprosad Mukherjee, the Victor Banerjee-starrer is carrying forward its glorious momentum with a pan-India release.

Presented by Windows Productions, known for their history of thought-provoking and socially resonant films such as “Belaseshe,” “Praktan,” and “Gotro,” “Raktabeej” stands as the latest gem in their repertoire, set to make a lasting impact on viewers with its profound storytelling and engaging performances.

The film boasts an ensemble of formidable talents, marking the grand comeback of the veteran actor Victor Banerjee alongside captivating portrayals by Abir Chatterjee and Mimi Chakraborty, promising a symphony of stellar acting and compelling character renditions that will leave an indelible mark on audiences. Babloo Damani, distributor, West Bengal, added, “The film has done an exceptional business in the West Bengal territory. With a very positive word of mouth, and a pan India release, it’s all set to do some great business. The same duo had previously given ‘Belaseshe,’ another bumper opening, earlier.”

As the visionary directors, Nandita Roy and Shiboprosad Mukherjee jointly expressed, “With ‘Raktabeej,’ we aimed to dissect the intricate layers of political dynamics, weaving a narrative that transcends linguistic boundaries, inviting viewers on a profound and engaging journey that mirrors the complexities of our society.”

Helmed by Windows Production, the pan India release of “Raktabeej” signifies a pivotal moment in promoting regional cinema at a national level, promising audiences a deeply immersive experience that traverses the colloquial boundaries and a thundering response at the box office! 

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