Extremely Disheartened: Punjabi-Canadian Rapper Shubh Reacts To India’s Concert Cancellation

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New Delhi: Day after the India tour of Punjabi-Canadian singer Shubhneet Singh was cancelled, the singer released a statement stating that he was ‘extremely disheartened by the cancellation of my tour in India.’

‘I was highly amped up and enthusiastic to perform in my country, in front of my people. But I guess destiny had some other plans,’ Shubh wrote in an Instagram post.

On Wednesday, the tickets were cancelled for Shubhneet Singh’s India tour after the ticket-booking app faced a boycott call on social media for hosting a singer allegedly to be a Khalistani sympathiser.

Clarifying his position, Shubh said, “As a young rapper-singer hailing from Punjab, India, it was my life’s dream to put my music on an international dais. But the recent happenings have tumbled my hard work and progress, and I wanted to say a few words to express my dismay and sorrow. I’m extremely disheartened by the cancellation of my tour in India. I was highly amped up and enthusiastic to perform in my country, in front of my people. The preparations were in full swing and I was practicing with my heart and soul for the last two months. And I was very excited, happy, and ready to perform. But I guess destiny had some other plans.”

Further, he added, “India is MY country too. I was born here. It is the land of my GURUS and my ANCESTORS, who didn’t even blink an eye to make sacrifices for the freedom of this land, for its glory, and for the family. And Punjab is my soul, Punjab is in my blood. Whatever I am today, I am because of being a Punjabi. Punjabis do not need to give proof of patriotism. At every turn in history, Punjabis have sacrificed their lives for the freedom of this country. That’s why it’s my humble request to refrain from naming every Punjabi as a separatist or anti-national.”

“My intent in resharing that post on my story was only to Pray for Punjab as there were reports of electricity and internet shutdowns throughout the state. There was no other thought behind it and I definitely didn’t intend to hurt anyone’s sentiments. The accusations against me have deeply affected me. But as my guru has taught me “Manas Ki Jaat Sabai Ekai Pachanbo” (All the human beings recognized as one and same) and taught me not to be afraid, not to be intimidated which is the origin of Punjabiyat. I will continue to work hard. My team and I will be back soon, bigger and stronger together. WAHEGURU MEHAR KARE SARBAT DA BHALA. Thank You Everyone Who Stood By Me…, ” he concluded.  

Shubh is known for the tracks ‘Elevated’, ‘We Rollin’, ‘No Love’, ‘Still Rollin’, ‘OG’ and ‘Dior’ among many others. 


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