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MUMBAI: In a move indicating a strong intent for gender balance and the significance of hybrid work culture, 3.4 lakh women – about 38% of total employees – were hired by 100 firms that emerged as ‘best companies for women in India’ in 2023, according to a study.
In the study, Avtar & Seramount also found that 97% of these companies reported structured hybrid working practices to result in a larger number of women seeking employment in these organisations.
At a panel discussion, Aditya Mittal, CHRO, Citi South Asia, said that of big inflection points in the history of work – such as industrialisation and the advent of computers – it was Covid that really pushed the boundaries on flexibility. Further stating that the flexibility ushered in post-pandemic is sustainable, Mittal added: “The first time, the employee has won.”
Thirukkumaran Nagarajan, VP, IBM South Asia, said while IBM has been offering flexibility to its employees for decades, Covid challenged the company to understand how its practices and policies could be made hyper-personalised. “We had to look at the individuals’ nuance in life. What works for her didn’t work for another and it could range from different realities and phases of what they do. So, we needed to check our tolerance levels in terms of how we can accommodate,” he said. He added a word of caution for upcoming companies to start from the bottom-up – which is “responding to a need versus what you perceive is good”. As companies pursue their environmental, social and governance (ESG) commitments, DEI & employee well-being feature as key priorities under the ambit of ESG.
Saundarya Rajesh, founder & president, Avtar Group, said the “social” part of their ESG goals is a top priority for the 100 best companies in India. “The average representation of women (overall) is 36.9% in 2023, up from 25% in 2016. At the current rate, a 50:50 gender balance at the best companies will be a reality by 2030.”


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