Harsh Varrdhan says he couldn’t care less about sister Sonam’s hubby Anand’s shoe store

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Harsh Varrdhan Kapoor was recently trolled as his Instagram post on ‘fake sneakers’ went viral. The actor had taken to his Instagram Stories to ask his fans to ‘stop wearing fake sneakers’. His post invited criticism as many called him ‘elitist’. Harsh Varrdhan Kapoor had also reacted to the trolling. Now, he has responded to a person on X (formerly Twitter), who told the actor that they will ‘still not buy his brother-in-law’s shoes’.


Harsh Varrdhan’s sister, Sonam Kapoor, is married to entrepreneur Anand Ahuja. He is the founder of VegNonVeg, a multi-brand sneakers store. Recently, Internet trolled Harsh for his advice on not wearing fake sneakers. Many called him ‘elitist’. One of them also tweeted, “Bruh we are still not buying your brother-in-law’s shoes (sneakers from Anand Ahuja’s store).” In response, Harsh wrote, “I couldn’t care less about that tbh (to be honest) (sic).”

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On Monday, Harsh Varrdhan Kapoor took to his Instagram page and wrote, “Don’t know who needs to hear this but pls stop wearing fake sneakers if you have a low/ moderate budget there’s plenty of great options out there. Converse vans basic Air Force etc if someone gets you a gift and they happen to be inauthentic u can pass them onto someone else who doesn’t know what they are and would be happy to wear.. but if you’re buying your own please do your due diligence. buy from trusted sellers (sic).”

He further wrote, “Also really hope more men/boys look into how they dress and invest well in what they wear.. again doesn’t have to be expensive tons and tons of cheap options out there.. but no point wearing a really expensive pair of shoes if you don’t know how to put the rest of it together tbh… It’s supposed to say something about you… your tastes and preferences… there’s information everywhere and access don’t be lazy… look into it and learn it can be a lot of fun… when we talk about the culture be it sneaker culture or street or whatever it’s not about clout it’s about your own individuality uniqueness and about how your outfit and choices speak for you and what they represent (Indian flag emoticon) (sic).”

On the work front, Harsh Varrdhan Kapoor will be seen next in Olympic gold medalist Abhinav Bindra’s biopic, which is scheduled for a 2024 release. He was last seen in Thar, which released on Netflix last year.

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Sep 14, 2023


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