6-year-old girl breaks record as the world’s youngest videogame developer

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With remarkable talent and determination, Simar Khurana, a 6-year-old from Beamsville, Ontario, Canada, has clinched the title of the world’s youngest videogame developer. At this age, Simar achieved this extraordinary milestone by creating a videogame that is not only entertaining but also educational, specifically designed for children.


While many children at her age spend their leisure time playing video games, Simar took a different path and decided to create a game. Less than a year ago, she started on a coding journey, dedicating herself to three coding classes per week.

It was her father, Paras Khurana, who recognised her remarkable aptitude for mathematics and coding.


The journey to find a suitable coding class for Simar was not without its challenges. Most coding institutes were hesitant to accept her due to her age, citing the advanced reading and writing skills typically required for game development. After an extensive search, a teacher was finally found, and Simar’s journey into game development began.


The inspiration for her game, “Healthy Food Challenge,” struck during a visit to the family doctor. Following a discussion about the importance of a balanced diet, Simar aimed to educate her peers about healthy and unhealthy food choices, as well as the consequences of consuming junk food.

Simar and her father had decided to go ahead with achieving a Guinness World Records title, realising they had only four months to meet the age limit. Determined and willing to put in the work, Simar increased her coding classes to four per week while juggling other activities like dance, gymnastics, and karate.


Simar has also launched her own YouTube channel, “Simar’s World,” with the aim of connecting with fellow youngsters and sharing her ideas for more innovative games. When asked about her achievements, Simar expressed enthusiasm for the possibility of attempting more records in the future.

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Sep 13, 2023


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