TDP clarifies CID report against Chandrababu’s arrest, calls it ‘irrelevant’

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Following the arrest of Chandrababu Naidu, the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) on Monday said that the remand report filed against former Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister was based on irrelevant issues.

Members of the TDP accused the state police’s Central Investigation Department (CID) wing of acting as a “private army” taking revenge on the opposition parties.

Speaking to the media, Senior TDP leader and MLA Payyavula Keshav refuted allegations levelled against Naidu in the remand report that stated public money was misused by forging documents and diverting funds into personal accounts.

He further clarified that the officials launched a project for youth’s better future after conducting a survey on a similar project launched in Gujarat in 2013.

According to Keshav, in 2015, the Andhra Pradesh government signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Siemens Industrial Software India and DesignTech for the same amount.

The Andhra Pradesh High Court granted bail to the representatives of Siemens and DesignTech, who were taken into custody by the Enforcement Directorate. During the hearing, the court said that there was no misuse of funds in the project. It was also noted that as many as 2,13,000 students received skill development training through 42 centres.

Keshav further highlighted that the CID alleged that Ganta Subba Rao and Lakshminaraya were appointed with the project and Rs 279 crore of the Rs 370 crore investment amount was diverted to personal accounts.

However, he condemned the allegation and explained that the total project cost was Rs 3,281 crore, of which Siemens would extend software worth 90 per cent of these funds and that the state government would release the remaining 10 per cent to organise training programs.

The then Skill Development secretary Premachandra Reddy paid Rs 30 crore to the Central Institute of Tool Design of the Union Government as consultancy fee and released these funds. The DesignTech purchased the Siemens Software worth Rs 330 crore with a discount of 95 to 97 per cent.

Keshav further said that Siemens admitted to paying Rs 70 crore for the project, which successfully ran 42 training centres for four years and provided employment to 2,13,000 youth.

He then questioned, “How a scam of Rs 279 crore can occur after all this expenditure?”

Keshav also refuted another allegation by the CID regarding the lack of comparison between the government orders (GO) issued and the MoUs signed. He explained that the Siemens Software supplies branded software to any non-profit organisation to train students in any state, including Andhra Pradesh.

Keshav further criticised some leaders for manipulating issues and making baseless allegations. He said that the state government bore just 10 per cent expenditure (Rs 330 crore) of the total cost, conducted training, and provided employment to 70,000 youth.

As per Keshav, Chandrababu personally argued his case and informed the court that his fundamental rights are being violated and that attempts are being made to take political revenge. Kesav, in the end, said that the TDP will continue its fight legally.

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Sep 11, 2023


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