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How To Nail Your IT Career’s First Interview?

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IT Career! One of the important aspects of the recruiting process is the interview. It offers you an opportunity to impress not just your expertise and credentials with the prospective employer, but also showcase your confidence and the way you carry yourself. When you step into the interview, taking the appropriate steps to ensure a good interview in advance will determine your success. We address ten steps you should take in this blog to nail up your first or next interview.

How to nail your career’s 1st interview

Below are the tips to nail your first interview:

Research it all

Reserve some time to study the company prior to your interview, as knowledge of the company implies a strong interest in the job. To fully know the business community, check not just the website, but also the social media accounts especially LinkedIn. Check for any recent awards, achievements, initiatives, as well as current events, particularly those that might be important to the position you are applying for.

Look for ways to discuss what you studied during the interview to prove that you have done the homework before appearing for the interview. Studies indicate that recruitment managers are more likely to employ applicants who have business experience.

Work on your elevator pitch

You would have a concise and persuasive response to the generic introductory questions by planning an elevator pitch. As you build an elevator pitch, try to come up with an idea as to what motivated you to get into this field of work and where you showed signs of your love for the profession in your life. Also, highlight the necessary abilities that you have that match with all those that the employer is responsible for in a nominee.

Build a phenomenal resume

The hiring manager will reference something included in the resume in an interview. With this purpose, it is useful to be able to talk about every one of the past roles smartly, the abilities you used for these roles, as well as how they translate to the position you are applying for. Even before interview, read your portfolio, and understand it well. Take certifications training and exams such as Cisco, ITIL, security, AWS, Azure, NetApp, or CompTIA certification training and add the credentials to your resume to make it more impactful.

Go through the job description

Research the job description before the interview to truly comprehend what the firm is searching for in an applicant. Note down the particular strengths and skills that the business prefers to see in an applicant and describe the credentials you have. You can better approach the interview and explore case studies that will highlight those abilities by reviewing the job description prior the interview and trying to align it in your own qualifications.

Utilize the STAR approach

By heading to the interview armed with facts that illustrate your skills and abilities, you distinguish yourself from other applicants. Your experiences tell the interviewer about all the obstacles you encountered, what steps you took to resolve the barrier, and the outcomes you accomplished. Use the STAR approach to do this. STAR approach means:

  • Situation: Talk about the situations you have been through to achieve your skills; both good and bad.
  • Task: Talk about your approach to handle all those situations.
  • Action: Talk about the actions you take to overcome the hurdles.
  • Result: Talk about the result you accomplished.

Study related job openings and also review the lists of the frequently asked questions for the interview. Use these tools to think of 20 or more solutions to the story that you might share if the questions are being asked. By using STAR approach, you can think of pretty good comebacks.

Keep the scenario part of the story short, concentrating on pressure points with an interviewer that will resonate. Understand in the circumstance your position or duty and also the actions you took to resolve it. When the whole team has undertaken out the task, reflect on the role that you have performed. Be precise as you share the outcomes and measure the effect you had.

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As they say, first impression is the last impression

There are significant first experiences. Maintain eye contact, speak confidently, smile, and do a firm hand shake with the interviewer. Cast an energetic attitude, show how excited you are to be there in a professional way. Finalize the proper formal dress code so that you might align the appearance with the interviewer. 

Master the small talk

Small talks are often awkward. However, during an interview, mastering the small tasks is the key. At the start of an interview, this can help you establish contact with the interviewer. Determine subjects where you should have a mutual experience as part of the interview. Think of subjects that may be common to you and the employer, so that you can both ask any questions and reply. Describe the company’s news reports or other recent incidents. Be ready to respond to any theme you raise with an intriguing idea.

Body language

Be aware of the body language that you plan to speak. It will tell the employer if you ’re competent and confident or nervous and unsure. You would like to project positive vibes in order to complete an interview. As you speak, just sit up as well as lean a little forward. Hear carefully all the interviewer says to prove you are vigilant and look straight into your eyes.

Ask questions

Do not hesitate to ask questions. It is actually a good thing to do. So, be ready to question your interviewer at the end of the meeting. There will always be two to three questions, sometimes more, either on the given role or on professional development, future projects, or even what makes them an excellent company to work for.

Follow-up and follow-through

It is essential that a follow-up email conveying your gratitude for their time and attention be sent within 24 hours of the interview. List down the things that you and the prospect employer talk about during or right after your Interview and also express what makes you happy to work with them the most. This helps you write a stronger letter later.

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