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It can be challenging to remember to take care of your health, especially if you’re living in a new country and don’t know how to access the best care. We’re here to help you find the best healthcare centers around the Nordic region, so you can get the best medical advice and care to improve your health.

These centers provide high-quality services, medical doctors, clinical staff, and primary care providers you can use for your continued care. Make sure to visit these health centers and work on lifestyle changes for overall improved health! Best of all, you can use these health centers whether you’re a local, a tourist on an extended stay, or working overseas!

PONS Helsetun

PONS Helsetun is one of the most highly rated medical centers in Norway. They have a variety of specialists on hand that can provide a variety of health care services. Health care services include skin care, chiropractic care, physiotherapy, and care from a general practitioner. As a member, you get access to priority appointments during the day. Priority is always given to children, making this one of the best health centers for parents with their children.

In addition, you also get access to emergency care appointments if you call ahead of time. This clinic is also an excellent health care center for people that need access to specialists without a referral since referrals can take quite a while to process.

To get comprehensive treatment, including help from a general practitioner, holistic health care, and even COVID-19 vaccinations, request information and book your appointment today. Visit website here.

Copenhagen’s Private Clinic

If you require medical treatment for common ailments such as cold, ear infections, fevers, and sore throat, Copenhagen’s Private Clinic can provide you with the care, you need as soon as possible. Instead of wasting time at a doctor’s office, Copenhagane’s Private Clinic provides short appointments to get the medical care you need fast. They pride themselves on providing excellent medical services for adults and children for the most common ailments.

They can also do bloodwork to check your overall health status, such as checking for diabetes and fat content in the blood. They also offer other work-ups such as cardiograms, throat swab tests, and urinalysis tests. This is a small, family-friendly clinic for those needing the best medical care without the fuss of visiting a hospital and wasting precious time. 

If you’re in Denmark for work, they can also provide you with approvals for your driver’s license certificate, medical certificate, maritime and truck certificates, and so much more.

St. Erik’s Health Center

St. Erik’s Health Center provides some of Sweden’s most varied and helpful medical health services. They offer services such as a 24-hour blood pressure clinic, a diabetes clinic, and asthma and COPD reception area. Their goal is to provide a single health center to answer your most pressing health care questions and provide treatment for some of the most common, yet debilitating health issues.

This health center provides everything from a general practitioner’s office, to mild emergency care, home health care, and vaccinations. In addition, they provide both preventative and needs-based care for adults and children. They also provide psychosocial care for people that need help with mental health issues. 

This is a good option for people who need a health center on standby for themselves and their families! You can book an appointment now, and if you’re a refugee from Ukraine, St. Erik’s Health Center can also provide services for you and your loved ones.

Put Your Health First with Nordic Health Centers

If you’re a local or a tourist looking for a place to receive medical care, these health centers above can provide comprehensive health services. Put your health first, and make sure to book an appointment at PONS Helsetun or any of the other clinics on this list to improve your health while abroad!

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