Advantages And Disadvantages Of Wearable Technology At Work

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Wearable technologies are smart to wear or wearables that follow the fashion trends and are worn by human beings close to the surface of their skin. Nowadays in this advanced technological era, we most often use these types of wearable technology as we feel it is convenient and comfortable.

But along with the advantages, there are certain disadvantages such as it is limited, expensive, creates technological errors, might affect your skin or body, and many more. Though in this modern world we cannot survive without modern technologies, we should still limit their usage.

The application of science with the help of several technologies has indeed improved the quality and standard of life. No doubt science and its technology have changed the lifestyle of human beings and provided modernity within them.

But still, its potential consequences seem to outweigh the benefits produced from it. Science with its technology is ruining our society by creating all kinds of lethargic tendencies, destroying our silence, killing our privacy, and demolishing our identity from our rural past.

Therefore, this technological era seems to be dominating us and thereby exploiting all the social values and beliefs within us. Nobody now-a-day wants to go back and survive the rural past as they accept and bow down their heads in front of the new technology. “Invention of technologies are affecting the human brain a lot as they forgot to do any work on their own depending totally on technologies,” says Kartik who is a blogger and wrote a post on how to use coconut oil as aftershave.

First of all, we can say that the invention of modern technology seems to erase all the social values we had in our past. Presently we are searching to adopt new values in order to stand with the technological era.

Secondly, our physical stamina also seems to decrease because of technological facilities. We now prefer to travel in a car rather than paddling our so-called bicycles.

Thirdly, we now technologically wish and greet our elders and show respect as we don’t have enough time to wish them face to face. The arrival of technology kills our emotions, snatched our sentiments, and made us a mere puppets without any social value.

Our social and cultural values seem to be diminishing day by day with the arrival of technologies. Though wearable technologies have several advantages, the disadvantages should also be observed well in advance.

Advantages of Wearable Technologies

  1. Wearable technology watches made human life convenient and easier. With this specific piece of technology, people can detect their times automatically and the dates too. This piece also acts as an alarm to provide notifications for any important meetings or planning. It helps to increase productivity as the employees now can easily work as per their convenience by wearing this piece of technology. “It helps me to record the diet and my weight-burning elements,” says Niharika who wrote a review for best baitcasting reel under 100.
  2. Some wearable technologies also help to track the location of GPS and help to view the text messages more clearly. The hand-free and portable earbuds are another technology that helps you to listen to music or attend calls while you are doing other important work. It is easy to carry and provides satisfaction to the customers.
  3. The wrist bands or straps help to provide the fitness notification and it helps to monitor the physical activities and vital signs. It, therefore, creates a convenience for the customers and they can easily check their body consumption levels.
  4. There are also body-mounted sensors that monitor and transmit the biological data for the health care process. For example, the blood glucose monitor system is one of the latest digital innovations which can check your blood glucose level quickly by sitting at home. “This is absolutely a fantastic digital innovation which comforts the patients,” says Girish who is an expert and provides operating system courses online.

Disadvantages of Wearable Technologies

  1. Though the gadgets no doubt help the human being a lot in terms of their comfort and convenience. But still, it affects them for many reasons. Firstly, it is limited. You cannot keep on using it for a longer time phase. As it is totally controlled by battery or electric power consumption, therefore, requires a charge up. As a result after a specific time range, it will get off.
  2. These wearable gadgets are not at all cheap. They are too expensive. It is therefore not affordable for every human being. “Recently went to purchase an Apple smartwatch and found it too expensive to use,” says Kareena who wrote a post on best one-piece toilets.
  3. These gadgets can be a source of distraction for kids, children as well as teenagers. They might quit their studies and devote the maximum of their time to these gadgets.
  4. These gadgets made human beings mere puppets. They become a kind of robot who feels lethargic even to calculate the time or remember the date or months. As these gadgets provide and everything automatically without any effort, it, therefore, creates human being lethargic and reduces their brain capacity level.
  5. Size and battery limitation is one of the major causes of this wearable technology. Due to technical errors, one might suffer in any situation. For instance, you are riding a cycle by wearing this smartwatch where you put an alarm or GPS to show you the right track. But out of battery loss, it stops working, putting you in trouble. Therefore try to be dependent on your own self without totally being dependent on these gadgets.


Every technical gadget has certain merits as well as demerits. Similarly, this wearable technology to supports human beings through their amazing latest and modern qualities that comfort them.

But on the other hand, it may become the cause of their trouble when they suddenly stop working. They are machines and are unpredictable. You cannot predict their nature beforehand.

Therefore we should not be totally dependent on these gadgets and should build inner confidence in our own capacity.

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