5G – The backbone of the Internet Business

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5G in the year 2019 is going to be remembered because the year that true cellular connectivity for the net of Things (IoT) finally got going. Nowadays not every week goes by without a replacement announcement of a replacement 4G NB-IoT / LTE-M network rollout. Yet the long run for the industry is already racing towards the fifth generation (5G) of wireless communication technology.

5G promises lightning-fast speed, barely noticeable latency (or communication response time), and vastly increased capacity.
The benefits of marrying the physical world with digital technologies are discussed for what looks like a generation.

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Many industries could use the intelligence gleaned from connected systems to realize critical insights about their operations and the way to form improvements that may make a real difference to their bottom line. On one hand, the 4G is making great benefits for businesses around the globe and on the other hand, 5G is which is creating a larger storm in the world of technologies.

Data alone isn’t enough

Jani Vilnius, Director of Research and Technology at Sandvik, says that data is already driving industry around the world: “Everyone is already collecting, and to a particular extent using data.

But improved connectivity is required to actually utilize the information and add business value. once we add more computer science (AI), machine learning, and voice/image recognition into everyday systems, the bandwidth requirements mean 5G is inevitable to leverage the new capabilities.”

Industry 4.0 was purported to induce these benefits, but up to now, there’s been an important element missing. Turning the thought of a collaborative, adaptive, real-time industrial digital system into reality needs a very agile communications infrastructure.

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Beyond incremental improvement

You can be forgiven for thinking the move from 4G to 5G is just about incremental speed improvements, with no use for all the hype. After all, the 4G/LTE (Long Term Evolution) communications architecture of today has connected approximately 3 billion mobile devices.

But in reality, the difference between 4G and 5G isn’t like comparing one iPhone model with the subsequent, it’s more like comparing a horse and buggy to an electrical racing car.

Yes, 3G and 4G technology are most frequently equated with smartphones. Because of this, the operating systems were designed for audio and mobile data also. And while it’s true that 5G’s dramatic speed increases will mean most quite just higher-quality streaming and lightning-quick downloads, the very fact that it’s been designed from the bottom up for data connectivity is the game-changer.

Faster connectivity and low-to-no latency will unlock operational benefits in every industry in the world. Up heretofore there has been only talking, but with test systems now in situ, those operational benefits have become clear.

Taking the connected factory to the following level
In a market reliant on data-intensive machine applications, the upper speeds and low latency of 5G are required for the effective use of autonomous robotics technology, wearables, and computer game.

Unlike previous jumps in levels of technology within the industry, 5G won’t fundamentally redesign the assembly line. But what it’ll do is offer manufacturers a chance to make smart factories that may adapt to changing market conditions.

The increasing capabilities of smart devices and also the factories that make them won’t just impact competition within a group industry. Traditional manufacturing companies may soon find they’re competing as a part of a much broader automation industry, for instance.

Healthcare: Enabling remote surgery

The low latency of 5G is ready to revolutionize the healthcare industry, most notably within the hospital room. You may be forgiven for thinking this sounds unlikely, yet it’s already happened.

In early 2019, the world’s first live surgery via remote assistance materialized successfully in China. An experienced surgeon inserted a stimulation device within the brain of a Parkinson’s patient.


The virtually instantaneous latency of two milliseconds allowed the surgeon to accurately conduct the procedure as if they were right next to the patient, whereas, in fact, they were 3,000 kilometers away. The latency resembles surgery employing a traditional cabled monitor solution.

Autonomous technology on the road and underground
The improvements to network latency will give applications and devices the power to speak in close-to real-time. this could ease the protection concerns of autonomous vehicles, providing them the flexibility to constantly communicate with the ever-changing environment around them.

This, of course, will have a big impact on mining operations, something Sandvik is attentive to. Already, Sandvik has signed an agreement with Nokia to further develop solutions supported by private LTE and 5G technology, much of which is able to occur at the Sandvik test mine in Tampere, Finland.
“Our focal point has been on private LTE technology, which provides momentum, inactivity, dependability, and privacy benefits over the internet. It’s one among the technologies our customers are posing for now,” explains Vilnius.

The advantage of Sandvik that specializes in LTE is easy. (LTE stands for Long-term Evolution and isn’t the maximum amount a technology because it is that the path followed to attain 4G speeds). Customer demand is there, and therefore the hardware can easily be upgraded to 5G when the time comes.

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